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Windows & Doors

New Windows and Doors for Vancouver-area Homeowners

Could your Vancouver property benefit from a new window? The condition, placement, and functionality of your home’s windows and doors contribute greatly to the overall comfort and continued enjoyment of your home in the years to come. The openings of your structure dictate the amount of natural light, fresh air, and general accessibility you have. New windows and doors are a smart investment for your home renovation dollar. S & E Installations specializes in the sale and installation of quality products designed to make a lasting impression. Create a welcoming façade and maximize the energy efficiency of your property with our products and dependable service.

High-grade Materials and Workmanship

Gentak Windows

S & E Installations proudly works with performance-engineered products and materials from Gentek Windows, a leader in quality manufacturing.

From cost-effective repairs to friendly advice, we have the experience to ensure you get the correct product for your home. Call today to find out more about the benefits our ENERGY STAR windows and doors provide.

A Clear Advantage

S & E Installations has been in business since 1978. Trust our experts with your windows and doors.

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